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Meet Our New Ambassador

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Updates

Betty Riches has been named the Ambassador for the Collingwood Lawn Bowling Club for the 2021 season!

At 98 years old, Betty is perfect for this role as she shows others that age does not matter. She plays lawn bowling three times a week and says that the Collingwood Lawn Bowling Club is her new best friend. She loves to be outdoors playing a relaxing game with friendly people.

Betty did not take up the sport until she moved to Collingwood about 10 years ago. It just so happened that the seller of her house left a set of lawn bowls behind. Her curious nature encouraged her to hunt for a lawn bowling green which led her to 45 Paterson Street – the Collingwood Lawn Bowling Club.

She credits her long-lived life to the fact that she stays active doing a mild form of outdoor exercise. She says “by playing the games, my spirits are lifted and I gain my mobility”. Betty consistently scores almost every end. It would be unusual if she didn’t have at least one bowl on the jack. Every team wants Betty on their side!

In 2021, the Collingwood Lawn Bowling Club is welcoming all seniors to play 3 free-of-charge rounds. Stop in to meet Betty and learn a new game!


The Lawn Bowling Olympics

The Lawn Bowling Olympics

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