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New This Year: A Super Relaxing Program for Sensational Seniors

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Updates

The Collingwood Lawn Bowling Club is making changes to the game of lawn bowling. We’ve launched a new program called Senior Participation: Accessibility, Fitness, and Social Inclusion. This new program brings a variety of playing times, attire, and more support for our seniors!

With the money we received from Service Canada we are making drastic changes to help seniors stay active and healthy

    • We have available lighter and smaller bowls
    • We have launchers (similar to the stick in curling) to deliver the bowl from a stand-up position
    • We have shortened the playing time of the game
    • We have shortened the Jack. We have a shorter distance to roll the bowl.

We are willing to modify the game to meet the needs of our seniors!

The Lawn Bowling Olympics

The Lawn Bowling Olympics

Gold medal winners: Barry Zimmerman and Brian Jeffery Silver medal winners: Michele Boyer and Karen Hall Bronze medal winners: Sheila Smith and Jane Wallace

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